Site: LIZ-3

Wainwright,  Alaska



  • LIZ-3 at WAINWRIGHT, Alaska, is situated on a peninsula at an altitude of about 80 feet above sea level. Wainwright is a small Eskimo village some 5 miles northwest of the site. This Auxiliary Radar Station is located near the mouth of the Kuk River. Terrain in the neighborhood is tundra covered and swampy. the site is built upon ground consisting of glacial till, silt and small quantities of ice and gravel interspersed with permafrost at the 18 inch level. the airstrip is located within 1400 feet of the module train.


  • Annual precipitation, including snowfall, is approximately 4 inches, being heaviest from July to October. Snowfall each year is about 27 inches. Mean daily temperatures run between a minimum of plus 4.2 to a maximum of 15.9 degrees Fahrenheit above zero.


  • Approximate round trip potable water hauls are 2 miles in summer and 7 miles in winter. In addition, there is a third fresh water lake some 18 miles from the site that can be used as an emergency winter water source


Satellite Image.

Site sign, April 1999, courtesy Chad Garber.

Non Directional Beacon (NDB) and Security Monitoring Equipment courtesy Chad Garber.