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  1. Dave Hagel says:

    Very interesting website, my father worked on the DEW line construction, he was with ITT-FEC for almost 35 years. I have a bunch of pictures of his time there, alot of landscapes and what looks to be Eskimos and somewhere around the house there’s a pelt (seal?) he brought back. When we were kids if we ever complained about being cold in 40 or 50 degree weather boy did we get an earful about the DEW line.

    • Brian Jeffrey says:

      Do you happen to know which sites your father work on? I enjoyed your recollection of your father giving you an earful whenever you complained about the weather. How true.
      If your father’s photos are in a digital format, I’d like to have a copy. There may be some that could be added to the website.
      Thanks for visiting the site.
      Brian J.

  2. Hal Shiels says:

    Brian – a superb site. Many thanks for your “caretaking” efforts.

    Perhaps a small error on the “Skyking EAM” page ( Freqs listed in the 2nd last paragraph (“11.175 MHz, 6712 MHz, 8992 MHz, 13,200 MHz, and 15,016 MHz”) should possibly read 11.175 MHz, 6712 kHz, 8992 kHz, 13,200 kHz, and 15,016 kHz.

  3. George Boyles says:

    Ran across this site by accident while looking at Baffin Island area on Google Earth. My dad, Fred Boyles, helped build the Dew Line going up there about 1957 for about 1 1/2 years. He was in Army Signal Corps in England and Scotland during WW-II and didn’t mind climbing so he built towers. He took several slides that I gave to the Air Force Museum at Dayton. However, I scanned them before I sent the originals. Interesting. Thanks

    • Brian Jeffrey says:

      Thanks for dropping by George. I’d love to see the photos your Dad took. Items like that are getting rare.
      Brian J.

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