MCL Site: SCS-400

Mid Canada Line (MCL) – Sector Control Station (SCS) 400
Great Whale River, Quebec
The following extract is taken from the book “A History of the Air Defence of Canada 1948 – 1997” by the NBC Group
RCAF Station Great Whale River (Sector Control Station 400) was located on the mouth of the river of the same name and the shores of southeastern Hudson Bay. It began as a detachment in November 1955, and attained station status in January 1957. the station closed on 02 April 1965. During its operations, Great Whale River was supported by RCAF Station St Hubert. The personnel of the station were quite involved in the community affairs of the area. In November 1964, they arranged for 104 Composite Unit to fly in Christmas gifts for the Indian and Eskimo party. As well, 436 (Transport) Squadron flew up Christmas supplies for the station and at the same time did a Christmas tree drop over the Belcher Islands for the Eskimos and members of the Dept. of Native Affairs. Today the community is known by the native name of Kuujjuarapik. The 5085 by 150 foot gravel runway is administered by the Government of Quebec. The Great Whale River is now called Grande Riviere de la Baleine. 23.2 K

Photo courtesy of Robert (Web) Pearse. Taken 1962.

Following 8 Photos are courtesy of Jim Collins. Jim, who now resides in Northern Ireland also has a Great Whale River web page from which the following photos were taken. While on the MCL, Jim was a Marconi employee.

Hudson Bay Store.

Jim Collins at work in the Telephone Exchange.

Anglican Church.

On site at Great Whale.

Jim Collins at a Doppler site.

Doppler Tower.

Following 2 photos by Brian Haddon.

Do you recognize this person (possibly Brian Garbett? Courtesy Brian Hadden.

SITE 410 Cape Jones QC , southwest of Great Whale River, was across James Bay from Cape Henrietta Maria. Cape Jones and Cape Henrietta Maria were both also troposcatter repeater stations.Photos of Cape Jones can be found here.

WANTED: Photos of Cape Jones when the site was operational. If you have any, or know where any can be found please contact Michel Cote.

Cape Henrietta Maria May 2008.

Cape Henrietta Maria, 1998. Courtesy Environmental Sciences Group RMC.

Satellite Image, Site 418 in 2006.

Site 421 Aerial View 13 June 2001. Courtesy Paul Nopper.

Courtesy Environmental Sciences Group RMC.

Collecting water from a creek at Site 403 May 1957. Courtesy John Rowe.

Tower at Site 403, March 1957. Courtesy John Rowe.

Airport Shuttle. Transporting new arrivals from the landing strip to the campsite March 1957. Courtesy John Rowe.

Distillery, no explanation necessary!! Courtesy John Rowe.

New Years Eve 1956 at Site 403 (Fraser Bruce employees). Courtesy John Rowe.

Under Construction. Campsite at Site 403 January 1957. Courtesy John Rowe.

Remains of DDS 406. Courtesy George Woodings, photo by Michel Cote.