Tactical Call Signs

Radio Call Signs

For communications purposes both aircraft and ground stations had specific call signs that identified them. Fixed call signs for the United States Air Force (USAF) aircraft use identifiers consisting of a name followed by a two or three digit number. The name is assigned to a unit on a semi-permanent basis and only changes when the U.S. Department of Defense goes to DEFCON 3. For example, JAMBO 51 would be assigned to a particular B-52 aircrew of the 5th Bomb Wing. B-52’s of the 92nd Bomb Wing, flying out of the Fairfield AFB, WA used the call signs COUNT ##, CZAR ##, LEPER ##, and TITAN ##. One of the coolest B-52 call signs is DOOM ##, used by the 2nd Bomb Wing located at the Barksdale AFB, LA. Other neat B-52 call signs are GHOST RIDER ##, PANTHER ##, BOGEY ##, WEASEL ##, SCALP ##, etc.

Ground stations also had tactical call signs that are used for voice communications in place of the station’s geographic location name for security purposes. Each of the DEWLine stations had a regular radio call sign, the geographical location of the station, for use with commercial air traffic, and a tactical call sign for use when communicating with military aircraft, usually B-52’s.

I recently received a treasure trove of information from Fred Teeter who was a Console Operator in the mid to late 70’s. Among the Streator training treasures was a list of the tactical call signs for each of the DEWLine stations. So here, courtesy of Fred Teeter, who never threw out a piece of paper in his life, is a list of DEWLine station regular and tactical radio call signs.

List of DEWLine Station Tactical Call Signs

Geographical Location
& Radio Call Sign
Call Sign
Point LayLIZ-2Jerome's Award
WainwrightLIZ-3Park Lane
Point BarrowPOW MainSnooty Sally
Flaxman IslandPOW-3Cheese Cut
Barter IslandBAR MainSpeedometer
Komakuk BeachBAR-1Unholy
Shingle PointBAR-2Fast Hold
TuktoyaktukBAR-3Red Flush
Nicholson PeninsulaBAR-4Pickerel
Cape ParryPIN MainSpreader
Clinton PointPIN-1Bank Fog
Cape YoungPIN-2Doughnut
Lady Franklin PointPIN-3Sinister
Byron BayPIN-4Favorable
Cambridge BayCAM MainPrimer
Jenny Lind IslandCAM-1Conduit
Gladman PointCAM-2Jigsaw
Shepherd BayCAM-3Greenbrier
Pelly BayCAM-4Air Raid
Mackar InletCAM-5Notation
Hall BeachFOX MainStaghound
Rowley IslandFOX-1Grassfox
Longstaff BluffFOX-2Prune Face
Dewar LakesFOX-3Inkwell
Cape HooperFOX-4Bridal
Broughton IslandFOX-5Portage
Cape DyerDYE MainLady Luck
Qaqqatoqaq, GreenlandDYE-1Red River
ICE CAP-1, GreenlandDYE-2Sea Bass
ICE CAP-2, GreenlandDYE-3Sob Story
Kulusuk, GreenlandDYE-4Big Gun
Rockville Island, IcelandDYE-5Ink Spot