MCL Site: SCS-300

Mid Canada Line (MCL) – Sector Control Station (SCS) 300
Knob Lake, Quebec
The following extract is taken from the book “A History of the Air Defence of Canada 1948 – 1997” by the NBC Group
RCAF Station Knob Lake (Sector Control Station 300) bordered the northern Quebec mining community of Schefferville. Knob Lake began as an RCAF Detachment in August 1955, with 20 Officers and 80 men with its headquarters in the Bell Telephone building. During that period, 108 Communications Flight (KU) from Bagotville Quebec and 408 Photo Reconnaissance Squadron from Rockcliffe Ontario, flying out of Knob Lake were involved in the propagation testing of the Doppler principle operation called Backlash III. Knob Lake attained station status in June 1957 and was operational by the beginning of the next year. The daily records report a much anticipated shipment of essential supplies on 25 October 1956; that day the Coke ration came in, all 300 cases of it. RCAF Station Knob Lake was shut down in April 1965. The 5500 foot paved runway is now used as a Transport Canada facility.

Download a PDF copy of the RCAF Station Knob Lake Welcoming Booklet, courtesy Mike Holley.

Satellite Image: Schefferville QC 2006. (MCL Knob Lake hangar lower right).

Photo Gallery

DDS330 Aerial view summer 2008 courtesy Vincent Picard.

DDS330 Main Building remains Summer 2008 courtesy Vincent Picard.

DDS330 Equipment Room Summer 2008 courtesy Vincent Picard.

DDS330 Kitchen Area Summer 2008 courtesy Vincent Picard.

DDS330 Diesel Power Generators courtesy Vincent Picard.

DDS 318-Site remains: courtesy Francois Huot.

DDS 318 Interior – kitchen area: courtesy Francois Huot.

DDS 318 Inside Power Generation area: courtesy Francois Huot.

DDS 318 Abandoned Bulldozer: courtesy Francois Huot.

Collecting snow for water in winter at Site 342, February 1957, courtesy John Rowe.

Chopper at Site 342, April 1957, courtesy John Rowe.

Aerial View of Schefferville QC., courtesy Jacques Lambert.

Roger Cyr by the Station Sign May 1955, courtesy Roger Cyr.