DEWLine Miscellaneous Photos

Mort Doyle’s Collection & Miscellaneous Photos

Sunrise at FOX-M

Sunrise at FOX-Main. Shown are the Thule tropo antennas. Courtesy Marian Rocko.


Mort Doyle’s DEWLine Photo Collection

More local residents.

Locals with husky pups.

FOX-2 from the air. A lonely place to be.

Air view of FOX-4. (Good luck trying to see it!)

Odd place (and way) to park a plane!

FOX-3 – Dewar Lakes at sunset.

Getting ready to fish.

Cape Parry spring runoff.

Miscellaneous Photos

The DEWZIAK closeup of the logo. Courtesy Dirk Van Nest.

A pair of icebergs courtesy Dirk Van Nest.

Radician Softball Team CAM-M July 1963 courtesy Pat Paterson.