Mid Canada Line Radar Site Photos

Memory Lane Photos

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textHF Antenna Sioux Lookout.

text42 Rdr Sqn Cold Lake.

textPart of the AN/FPS-107 at Sioux Lookout.


. textRCAF Station Chibougamau.

textCFS Ramore Funeral Ceremony 1973.

textCFS Holberg BC.

textRCAF Station Puntzi Mtn. Closure Parade 1966.

textSign on the Admin Building at Puntzi Mtn, 1966.

textRTG 52 Course Photo 26 Aug 1957, courtesy Gord Schindler.

textBEC 290 Course Photo 19 Mar 1962, courtesy Bill Cairns.

textAN/UPX-14 Maintenance course 6704, Aug. 1967, courtesy Bill Cairns.

textBEC271 Course Photo, 15 Jan. 1962, courtesy Larry Wilson.

textAN/UPX-14 Maintenance course 6901, courtesy Larry Wilson.

textBEM184 Course Photo 26 Nov 1956, courtesy Harold Stacey.

textTQ 6B Course March 1979, courtesy Ken Armstrong.

textRTG(CW) 6306 Course Photo, courtesy Wes Tremblay.

textBEM 148 Course Photo, courtesy Roy Prescott.

textAN/FPS-508B Course, Fall 1970, courtesy Tom MacLeod.

AN/FPS-27A Transmitter Course 8001, courtesy Tom MacLeod.

textRadar Tech TQ5 course 7305, courtesy Tom MacLeod.

textAN/UPX-14 Course 7701, courtesy Tom MacLeod.

textBEC 210 Course Photo 16 Jan 1961, courtesy Garry Bennett.

textBRC 98 Course Photo 15 May 1961, courtesy Garry Bennett.

textRTG 89 Course Photo 5 Sep 1961, courtesy Garry Bennett.

textRTG NA 6401 Course Photo 17 Feb 1964, courtesy Al Harris.

textRadar Shift Schedule Aug 1964, courtesy John Fitzgerald.

text#1 R&CS Clinton-recent, courtesy John Fitzgerald.

textClinton BB75, 76 or 89?-recent, courtesy John Fitzgerald.

textAN/FPS-20 Antenna Memorial at RCAF Stn Clinton -recent, courtesy John Fitzgerald.

textTYPE 80 Training RAF Locking UK. Approx Apr 1961, courtesy John Fitzgerald.

textBEC 21 Course Photo 10 Mar 58, courtesy Bud Kosikowsky.

textBRC 11 Course Photo 09 Jun 58, courtesy Bud Kosikowsky.

textRTG 63 Course Photo 24 Nov 58, courtesy Bud Kosikowsky.

textAN/FPS-508 View 1, courtesy Bud Kosikowsky.

textAN/FPS-508 View 2, courtesy Bud Kosikowsky.

textAN/FPS-508 View 3, Techs at work, courtesy Bud Kosikowsky.

textSwapping out the Quadradar 1979 Shearwater NS, courtesy Sid Wood.

textCPN-4 MPN-11 Course 1967, courtesy Sid Wood.

textCPN-4 MPN-11 Course 7003, courtesy Sid Wood.

textBEM 93 May 55, courtesy Pat Paterson.

textAn RTG course Sep 55, courtesy Pat Paterson.