FEC History

What Ever Happened to FEC?

Over the years, the Federal Electric Corporation (FEC), the service arm of ITT, morphed into today’s Vectrus Systems Corporation.  Below is a brief history of that journey.

Vectrus Systems Corporation Organizational History

1945 – Federal Electric Corporation was formed as the service arm of ITT

1958 – International Standard Engineering, Inc. was formed.

1973 – International Standard Engineering, Inc. renamed Federal Electric International, Inc.

1990 – Federal Electric Corporation was renamed ITT Federal Services Corporation.

1991 – Federal Electric International, Inc. was renamed ITT Federal Services International Corporation.

1995 – ITT Indiana, Inc. and ITT Corporation merged to form ITT Industries, Inc.

1997 – ITT Industries, Inc. acquired Kaman Sciences. This acquisition gave the company engineering, scientific and technical services.

1998 – Kaman Sciences was renamed to ITT Systems and Sciences Corporation

1998 – ITT Federal Services Corporation and ITT Systems and Sciences Corporation integrated and formed ITT Corporation, Systems Division.

1999 – ITT Industries, Inc. acquired Stanford Telecom. This acquisition provided the company with communications systems and engineering development services.

2009 – ITT Federal Services Corporation was renamed ITT Systems Corporation.

2010 – ITT Federal Services International Corporation and ITT Systems Division were merged into ITT Systems Corporation. Historically, ITT Systems Division, an unincorporated operating division of ITT Corporation, was responsible for the management, provision of resources, and operational performance of ITT Federal Services International Corporation, a wholly-owned subsidiary of ITT Corporation.

2011 – On October 31, 2011, ITT Corporation conducted a tax-free spin-off of its defense segment resulting in an independent publicly traded company, Exelis Inc. After the spin-off, ITT Systems Corporation became a wholly-owned subsidiary of Exelis Inc. On January 1, 2012, ITT Systems Corporation changed its name to Exelis Systems Corporation.

2012 – ITT Systems Corporation was renamed Exelis Systems Corporation

2012 – Moved the WSOTS and the SGRS business area, which includes programs such as the Deep Space Network, Pacific Missile Range Facility, SENSOR, Spaceport, NASA Wallops Range Operation Center, SCNS subcontract and the Spacelift Range Systems Contract (SLRSC), to Information Systems.

2014 – Exelis Inc. spun off its Missions Systems Division, which included ITT Systems Corporation. The spin-off created Vectrus, Inc., a publicly traded company, on September 27, 2014. ITT Systems Corporation was renamed Vectrus Systems Corporation, a subsidiary of Vectrus, Inc.