DEWLine Acronyms

The following , in no particular order, are a few DEW Line Acronyms.
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ACOEThis one is a mouthful. Area Comm-Electronics Operations & Maintenance Engineer. (This is the PHQ guy who did the job of the S&E after the on-line job was eliminated).
AGEX Rearward Communications Terminal from Barrow (POW Main and Barter Island (BAR Main)
ARCMAssistant Repair Cycle Monitor
ATB Air Terminal Building
BIRXBird MB. Southern Terminal for original Rearward Communications link from Hall Beach (Fox Main)
BMEWSBallistic Missile Early Warning System, (sites at Clear AK, Thule Greenland, Flyingdale UK)
BOPSRBuildings & Outside Plant Status Report
CEDT Comm-Electronics Depot Team
CEFRCivil Engineering Facility Record (drawings)
CONUSContinental United States
CPETContractor Performance Evaluation Team.
CNTCanadian National Telecommunications (Rearward saite at PIN-3)
CTBCable Terminal building (at DYE M (L)
DEWDROP Troposheric Scatter AM Communications Link between Thule BMEWS and Cape Dyer
DEWSCOPELetters to the editor of the original DEWLine magazine, DEWLine Polar Echoes
DFRDown the Friggin Road (Slang for getting fired)
DLI DewLine Instruction
DLIRDEW Line Improvement Report
DLM Depot Level Maintenance
DODew Order (publication)
DTS Domestic Training Site (Steator, IL, and later, Winnepeg)
EAPEmergency Action Plan
EDMT Edmonton.
EDOEdmonton District Office. Originally under the direction of the WRO later became WRO. Serviced PIN and CAM Sectors
EOCEnd of Contract
EOCLEnd of Contract Leave
EOYLEnd Of Year Leave
EROEastern Regional Office. Frobisher Bay, Baffin Island Served FOX and Dye Sectors
EWALSEarly Warning Automated Logistics System
FAITAcronym for Fairbanks
FROTDEWLine Eastern Transportation Terminal at Frobisher Bay, Baffin Island
H MechHeavy Equipment Mechanic (Outside O&M)
HEO Heavy Equipment Operator (graders, bulldozers, front end loaders, etc.)
HVACHeating, Ventilating and Air conditioning.
J Mech Inside Mechanic including power production
JOLTMont Joli PQ Original Transportation Terminal for DEWLine Eastern Region
LOELevel of Effort (this concept happened around the 80-81 time frame. It referred to personnel in sector slots. The theory was that the company would staff to the level of effort being currently expended, e.g., if there were 3 sector rads and only 1 was being currently used, the other 2 would go out on layoff).
MATTMaintenance and Training Technician (used to be Sector Radician)
MOI Maintenance Operating Instruction
MONT Montreal .
MJTMechanic On-Job Training
MSSMain Station Supervisor
O&MOperations & Maintenance
NELX Fort Nelson BC. Rearward Communications Terminal from Cape Parry (PIN Main) and Cambridge Bay (CAM Main
OJTOn-Job-Training. Practical Training while working, as follow up to original Classroom Training.
PHQProject Headquarters
PIPR Plant In Place Record
PME Precision Measurement Equipment
PMELPrecision Measurement Equipment Laboratory (in later years, T&CF for Test & Calibration Facility was also used)
POLPetroleums, Oils and Lubricants
QAEQAE: Quality Assurance Evaluator. (This was the military guy who was the customer's rep in each Area. He lived on-line)
RADICIANRadar (and communication) technician
R&RRest & Relaxation (Originally a one month vacation at mid contract. First contracts were 18 mos, subsequent contracts one year.
RHV Refrigeration, heating and ventilation mechanic. (One of the sector jobs).
RESX Resolution Island. Rearward Terminal for Rearward Tropospheric Scatter Communications from Cape Dyer (Dye Main)
RESX-1Brevoort Island. Rearward Communication relay station between Cape Dyer and RESX
RJTRadician On-Job Training
RTB Radio Terminal Building (housed the south shot tropo equipment)
SB&OP Very early - Sector Supervisor Building and Outside Plant
SC&ESupervisor Comm & Electronics (several years into the program the S for "sector" was dropped)
SCOP Later version of SSC&OP. (Eventually both disappeared and the job became known as the Civil Engineer).
SSASupply Support Facility
SSC&ESector Supervisor Comm & Electronics (this was the original acronym for the office)
SSC=OPSector Supervisor Civil engineering = Outside Plant.
Sector G MechSector Electrician
Sector H MechSector Heavy Equipment Mechanic
SFSS Sector Food Services Supervisor
SLSSector Logistics Supervisor
SOBSouls On Board
TMDE Test, Measurement & Diagnostic Equipment (Newer USAF name that replaced PME).
TRANSPEC Transportation Specialist
ULAUnpaid Leave of Absence
WINTAcronym for Winnepeg
WRO Western Regional Office at Fairbanks AK. Serviced POW and BAR Sectors