Site: DYE-5


DYE-5 was not the typical DEWLine station in that it was located on a US military base (Rockville Air Station ) in Iceland, about 4 miles north of the Keflavik International airport, and close to populated areas.

DYE-5 was the far eastern end of the DEWLine. Across the road from DYE-5 was Site 41, the most westerly site for the North Atlantic Radio System (NARS) (info here) that extended east via the Faroes Island (Site 43) to RAF Flyingdale in the UK (Site 46).

DYE-5 was connected to DYE-4 by a 450-mile, 72 channel, tropo link.

The site was staffed with FEC/ITT personnel under a different contract than was the rest of the DEWLine.

Additional information on the Rockville IS site can be found here and here.



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Satellite Image – Close-up, date unknown.

Tropo antennas, 1964. Courtesy Bob Gradisher.

Tele Greenland & Naviair Equipment circa 1998.