Site: CAM-5

Mackar Inlet, Nunavut


  • CAM-5, MACKAR INLET, Canada, is situated on 6237 acres of extremely rugged glacially scoured terrain. The building train of this Auxiliary Radar Station is located at an altitude of 1300 feet above sea level with its airstrip some 3.5 miles away at an altitude of 100 feet. Narrow beaches line the coast. Highlands rise to about 1500 feet near the shore and increase in elevation further inland to the east where summits exceeding 4000 feet have been recorded.


  • Annual precipitation, including snowfall, is approximately 5 inches, being heaviest in July, August and September and least in February. Snowfall is greatest in October and November and averages about 26 inches a year. Absolute minimum and maximum temperatures are minus 52 and plus 68 degrees Fahrenheit respectively.


  • The potable water haul is one half mile round trip in both winter and summer months.


Site photo 1965 courtesy Bob Young.

Courtesy Bob Young, 1965.